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4-in-1 Case Foam
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Product Name: 4-in-1 Poron / EVA Case Foam - Sound Dampening Effect

Material: LE-20 Poron / EVA


LE-20 PORON - 2mm

EVA - 5mm

EVA - 3mm

Want to create the ultimate thock / clack? Poron and EVA Case Foams are must-haves for every keyboard enthusiasts. Better still, we are offering a 4-in1 size LE-20 Poron and EVA Case Foams, they come pre-cut into various sizes to suit different keyboard layouts. Be it 100%, TKL, 75%, 65% or even 60%. Just tear the sheet along its dotted pre-cut lines, say good bye to messy work space.


Suitable for keyboard of 60/61/64/68/87/104 keys = 60%/65%/75%/TKL/100%